Welcome to the InTown Macon Neighborhood Association!


Want to join the oldest neighborhood association in Macon? Welcome to the neighborhood! The most significant way to celebrate the quality of life for InTown residents is for neighbors to connect and help each other. That is what InTown Macon Neighborhood Association is all about.

InTown Macon Neighborhood Association ia a non-profit 501c3 origination. Dues and Contributions are tax deductible to the extent prevented by law. If you are a new resident, we invite you to enjoy a complimentary membership for your 1st year. Dues are payable January of each year. All dues received in the 4th quarter of each year will be applied to next year’s membership.

Enjoy the Benefits of InTown Living…..

  • Architecturally significant Homes
  • Walking distance to Downtown shopping, restaurants & museums
  • Award winning Private & Public Schools
  • Outstanding libraries and recreational facilities
  • Multiple Park Exeriences
  • Cultural Experiences and Events
  • Social Events such as porch parties, Easter Egg Hunts, and holiday parties geared toward members of all ages